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Travel Update: The current entry ban to and from Australia otherwise officially known as “The Human Biosecurity Emergency” is currently in force until 17 September 2020.  Any Australian citizen or permanent resident cannot leave Australia due to the COVID-10 restrictions unless they have an exemption to leave.

Appling for a travel exemption is proving to be exceedingly difficult to obtain. The whole process is confusing, stressful, time consuming and people are getting refused repeatedly. The number of documents required depends on each individual case. The rules also changed 17 July 2020, so if you get refused, they now can track all your original applications!

British Travel have managed to have confirmed over 200 applications. The cost for our service is $75 to $100 depending on the number of hours needed per application, not per person.

We have had to evolve our business to help people leave Australia for various of reasons, such as moving back to your original home country permanently, critical illness of an immediate family member, death of an immediate family member to name but a few cases.

British Travel is of course a travel agent, we can book international flights for you as well. We provide a full service: We manage your booking, should the flight be rescheduled we will amend at no cost to you. In the event the outbound flights are cancelled indefinitely we will provide a full refund, less $150 admin fee per person. Please note that anyone leaving Australia should be aware that several countries are implementing their own border restrictions in response to COVID-19 and the international air network is reducing in capacity. Your ability to enter another country or return to Australia may be severely impacted. All travel restrictions including those for entering Australia are under constant review by the Australian Government and may be subject to change at short notice. Currently Australian has a cap on arrivals until 9 August 2020.

All travel should be booked via a good travel agent. Airlines have turned off their phone lines, or you are only allowed to speak to them on the day of your flights. Let not mention trying to get hold of an online agents!

If you require any further assistance, please inbox or send an email to
*We are unable to assist with bringing people into Australia, only to leave.

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